eric-gerster-travelingNobody likes to burn themselves out while traveling or feeling exhausted when they return home. Its never fun and it leave you with a bad impression. People want to view new areas and soak in cultures, not look for a bench to sit down on or dream of their hotel bed and a nap. I have done my fair share of traveling and along the way I have picked up some helpful tips and love to share my advice with family and friends. Below you will find some of my best tips for not burning yourself out when traveling.

  1. Travel Slow: Traveling is not a sprint, its a marathon, one of which we would all like to be longer than they are. Don’t try to fit in too much or pack your schedule with more plans than one person could possibly manage. Slow down and discover where you are to fully appreciate a different area of the world. I completely understand the hustle in wanting to experience as much as possible but too much can cause a crash.
  2. Plan Accordingly: Have somewhat of a plan based on light research you’ve done for the time before you depart for your trip. Don’t go overboard with scheduling but have an idea of when events are and other ideas in case you make last minute adjustments. By all means, go with the wind and prepare to have fun in a number of different ways. It’s a lot better to have tons of options to choose from rather than have your festival plans cancelled and have nothing to do instead.
  3. Don’t Think Too Much With Your Wallet: You should not alway pick the cheapest option. By spending a little bit more your accommodation like travel and hotel experience may be exponentially better. The last thing you want is to be squished between two people on a plane when you could have the aisle seat in first class for a slightly higher value. In my opinion, when it comes to personal comfort, I like my space and am willing to pay more. I know from first hand experience a bad travel day wipes you out both mentally and physically

In closing, think about the big picture when traveling. The point of a vacation is to relax and do what you want on your own time. It is YOUR vacation and should be managed by you. Try to not do everything faster, cheaper, and without thinking but instead, slow down, consider your options, and enjoy yourself above everything.

Have a great vacation!

-Eric Gerster