Eric Gerster Mini Nunna

Eric Gerster and his wife, Mini Nunna

Eric Gerster’s career is in investment management, but in his free time he enjoys nothing more than spending time with his wife and kids, introducing them to new places and activities, watching their puppy Sadie grow up far too fast, and playing golf at some of the world’s most special courses. He is also a green thumb, much like his father.


Eric Gerster did not travel much growing up, but thoroughly enjoys traveling now.  His wife Mini is originally from India, and Eric and Mini have traveled there together several times.

Eric Gerster Travel Collage 1

Some of Eric Gerster's Travel Photos

Mini and Eric have taken great trips to National Parks including the North and South Rim of The Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, The Grand Tetons, and Yosemite.  They hope to take the kids at some point.  The kids have become avid skiers over the past few years and the Gersters have nurtured that interest with multiple trips to Vermont and one special trip to Beaver Creek.  Several years ago he exposed the kids to his love of the White Mountains with a hiking trip.  Of course, the highlight of the trip for the kids was the Whales Tale Water Park. But, of course, Eric’s favorite vacation destination is Disney World.  He went for the first time when he was 25, and he hasn’t looked back.


Eric Gerster Bandon Dunes

Eric Gerster considers Bandon Dunes one of his favorite golf courses.

Since he started golfing with his dad at nine years old, Eric Gerster has been a dedicated golfer and fan of golf. While he tries to replicate the success of his favorite golfer, Jack Nicklaus, he is slightly concerned that his window for topping The Golden Bear’s record eighteen majors is slowly closing. Nevertheless, he persists and has set his sights on playing as many of the world’s top 100 courses as possible. Among his favorite destinations to date are Bandon Dunes and Pebble Beach, two challenging courses that offer incomparable views.  Eric would be remiss if he did not also mention Whistling Straits and its wandering sheep on the shores of Lake Michigan. Though he can’t always get out to a course, he enjoys watching professional golf tournaments like the U.S. and British Opens, the PGA Championship, and his favorite, The Masters at Augusta National. It’s a tradition that Eric cannot be disturbed on Master’s Sunday.  At all!